Our machines

Combination Machines


For business that do not have the need or space for a separate snack and drink machines, we proudly feature a combination machine that vends both. Our signature machine, the RGVHV-1 features 5 large snack options, 10 small snack options, and 24 drink options. 



We are able to customize our signature machine, the RGVHV-1 as required by the location. Need more snacks, great! Need more drinks, perfect! Your assigned account executive will work with your facility in order to configure the machine as needed for your location. 



Does your business want to have a vending machine that features your unique brand? RGV Healthy Vending can gladly accommodate that! We can brand the RGVHV-1 machine with your business' logo and graphics. Please contact our sales team for more information

Remote monitoring


Both the RGVHV-1 and the RGVHV-2 are equipped with remote inventory management. We offer this service so that we are immediately aware of the status of our machines. Instead of spending your valuable time tracking down the machine's operator, we know when a machine is low on product. We will dispatch someone to restock it as soon as possible.

guaranteed Vend sensor


Both the RGVHV-1 and the RGVHV-2 feature a guaranteed vend sensor. This sensor has multiple lasers that verify that the selected product was dropped. If it the product was stuck or jammed, then the customer has the option to receive a refund or choose another product.

Flexible payment options


Hungry or thirsty, but don't have any cash? No problem! By placing either RGVHV-1 or RGVHV-2 machine at your location, your customers will never need to worry about not having cash. Our machines support credit cards, and mobile payment options such as Apple Pay