OUr Selection PRocess

When you elect have a healthy vending machine from RGV Healthy Vending at your business, our account executives will create a plan of action that is similar to the following:

  1. Our account executives will determine which machine is appropriate for your business. Depending on the demand, and space available, we will recommend either our signature machine the RGVHV-1, or the RGVHV-2. 
  2. The RGVHV-1 requires a space that is least 39" wide x 38" deep x 72" high and a door opening of at least 46". The RGVHV-2 requires a space that is at least 29" wide x 33" deep x 77" high. It requires a door opening of 36". Both machines require a 110 V 3-prong outlet. We will supply a surge protector with the machine.
  3. If custom branding is required for your location, then we will introduce you to our graphic design department. They can create a custom wrap with your logo, mascot, slogan etc. 
  4. If there is not an existing drink machine on-site, then we will configure the machine with 2 snack trays consisting of 5 chip selections and 10 different small snack selections. The remaining trays will be drink trays. However, if there is a drink machine on site, then we will go to 3 snack trays and 2 drink trays. 
  5. We will discuss the various snacks and drinks we suggest selling. Your business is able to make any changes needed, such as no peanuts, selling energy drinks, selling cold coffee beverages, etc. 
  6. After the machine has been configured, Our distributor will ship the machines directly to your location. It will arrive with 5-7 business days and our delivery team will uncrate the pallet. Our operations team will schedule an appointment to come out and fully stock and program the machine. 
  7. Once the machine has been stocked, we will make a weekly appointment to restock the machine.